By Tiffany Strobel

“In multiple studies, participants had fewer noticeable wrinkles, tighter, more vibrant-looking skin, and their skin was measurably ‘younger’... 8-10 years younger, to be exact!”

How can you fight wrinkle-causing glycation?

We can’t stop eating, that’s for sure. So it’s easy to understand why a revolutionary new, topically applied, anti-glycation compound created a huge commotion at the 9th World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology held in Athens, Greece. That’s where research showing this groundbreaking topical compound significantly reduced the amount of AGE content in actual human skin was presented to more than 1,000 of the world’s foremost experts in the field of dermatology. As you would expect, it stole the show.


The compound is named Theraglycan™-3, and some are already calling it “The most significant breakthrough in skin care since the discovery of retinol!” Why? Because this was the first time a topically applied anti-glycation, “anti-aging” compound had been tested to reduce actual AGE content in human skin and make it appear measurably younger... 8-10 years younger, to be exact.

Even more impressive was the fact that the AGE-reducing benefits of Theraglycan-3 weren’t simply based on questionable subjective assessments. Instead, the AGE-reducing effects were validated using a highly formularized equation based on measurements taken by an AGE-Reader (a sensitive research instrument that uses autofluorescence to measure AGEs present in the skin). In the studies, women used a Theraglycan-3 cream twice a day (a 2% “Day” Cream in the morning and a 4% concentrated “Night” Cream before bed). The results of the study documented an unequivocal 8-10 year differential based on actual AGEs remaining on the skin’s surface.


One of the fastest growing (and most aggressive) research-based cosmeceutical companies in the world, SanMedica International, has just secured the exclusive rights to produce a Theraglycan-3 formula under the trade name GlyTerra™-gL. GlyTerra combines its full-strength Theraglycan-3 component with highly specialized, functional “anti-aging” isolates. So the bioactive compounds in this revolutionary formulation have shown in a clinical trial to not only decrease the visible, age-related effects of “sugar damage,” but to reduce the look of fine lines, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet, improve the appearance of age spots, loose, droopy, flaccid skin, and — most importantly — make everyone’s complexion look healthier, more radiant, and significantly younger. Not even Retinol can do all that!

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